ITME - Marine Habitats of Dominica Version 2008


For the purpose of this document, the coastal marine environments of Dominica have been delineated into six regions. *

1) North: From Capucin to Melville Hall River

2) East: Melville Hall River to
Délices, Mulatre River

3) South:
Délices, Mulatre River to Scott's Head

4) West (south): Scott's Head to Layou River

5) West (central): Layou River to Pointe Crabier

6) West (north): Pointe Crabier to Capucin

The delineation is base one a combination of (a) geographic features easily identified when traveling around the island, and (b) the number of sites described here.

mark each region's boundaries on the map below.
* The regional boundaries between West (central) and West (north) used here (this website) vary from those used in other documents on the topic which are available at .

By selecting (clicking) a particular region (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST S, WEST C or WEST N) you can access a general description of which habitats (icl. distribution maps) are found in the region chosen.

Additional habitats distribution maps can be accesses via "supplemental document" at


Image adapted from original radar topography map by Dr. Ian C.F. Stewart



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