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Marine Habitats of Dominica






Sistema Publico de Información Ambiental Marino-Costera


 Reports and Supplemental Data


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For further information on consultancies or collaborations please contact: info@itme.org.
 Alumni ITME Dominica / Academic Transcripts
If you need an academic trascript please contact: info@itme.org and provide your name and the term during which you were enrolled.
ITME has designed and implemented a variety of environmental research projects including, but not limited to habitat mapping, species inventories, community structure analysis, impact assessments and monitoring programs. Many were executed in conjunction with academic research training programs and community outreach initiatives. Consultancies are available to interested individuals, commercial, governmental or non-governmental entities.
Data Bases
Environmental information (data) is most useful when it leads to environmental resource conservation measures and new discoveries. An essential prerequisite for such an outcome is the ready availability of existing data. Not only data published in scientific journals or governmental reports, which often have a limited circulation, but also unpublished observations made by professionals, resource users and nature enthusiasts. ITME offers assistance in the construction and development of such information platforms.

Research and Education

Research: ITME's research teams have so far focused on benthic coastal environments, particularly coral reefs, seagrass beds and rocky substrates. Within these areas, species distribution, community structure, biological zonation patterns, bleaching episodes, disease manifestations, and storm impacts are some of the areas that have been investigated (see Reports). Geographic focal points also include Nicaragua and Ecuador. Education: With the completion of its 2001-2008 academic program series in Dominica, ITME suspended its intensive courses in marine biology and field research techniques (see Dominica Project). ITME is currently collaborating with the Forum for Tropical Ecology and Culture in promoting environmental awareness.

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