ITME - Marine Habitats of Dominica Version 2008
 Region South: Delices (Mulatre River) to Scott's Head

With the exception the areas between Fond St. Jean and Grand Bay, and the southern vicinity of Scott's Head, this region is not well explored. At least by marine biologists, as spear fishermen know the waters well. Facing the Martinique Channel, this region is virtually devoid of areas that harbor calm coastal waters at shallow depths. A few isolated patch reefs near Stow are the only shallow water benthic communities identified to date within the eastern half of this region. Near Dubuc a fringing reef has formed spurs and grooves in deeper waters, but the reef is dead. In the western half of this region,
near Scott's Head, deep coral assemblages and patch reefs line the rocky shelf.

For each of the following areas, colored dots (see key below map) mark the presence of specific habitats baring sessile epibenthic communities.

The sites are: 1. Delices, Mulatre River to Fond St. Jean (work in progress); 2. Fond St. Jean to Geneva River; 3. Geneva River to Scott's Head (work in progress).



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